38625-022: Early Warning Systems Study

Project Data Sheet (PDS): Details


The objective of the technical assistance (TA) is to assist the Government of Bangladesh in assessing the effectiveness of the existing flood forecasting system (FFS) and in preparing a strategy to enhance the FFS to improve its usefulness and early warning capability. This will entail assessing the FFS with respect to institutional, technical, physical, and other constraints; developing a strategy for enhancing the FFS, and preparing project profiles and prefeasibility studies for enhancing the FFS in Bangladesh, including capacity building and training. Scope and Outline Terms of Reference: The TA will entail the following major tasks: (i) Review forecasting and dissemination of flood warning experiences in the 2004 and 1998 floods in Bangladesh. With respect to forecasting and dissemination of flood warning experiences, identify all key actors and the roles they played, and analyze levels of effectiveness with which the mandated tasks were performed. (ii) Based on the prior flood experiences, determine the optimal goal for flood forecasting in terms of advance notice at the household level. (iii) Systematically examine all existing institutions engaged in technical work related to flood forecasting; provide a narrative of their functions; and summarize resources that have been invested in the development and operation of these institutions over the past 5 years, including capital investments as well as for capacity building and operations. (iv) With respect to flood forecasting, identify what unique capabilities each institution has; and identify gaps in technical, organizational, or other relevant areas in the collective makeup of these institutions in meeting the optimal flood forecasting target determined on analysis. Based on this review, develop a set of recommendations on bringing greater rationality and organizational effectiveness within the network of institutions engaged in flood forecasting. (v) Examine and map the dissemination process currently used in flood warning, estimate the time required for transmitting warnings once the information becomes available, and critically analyze the efficiency and effectiveness of the whole process. (vi) Carry out a technical review, and qualitative and quantitative assessment of existing flood forecasting systems, identifying key physical and other constraints and resulting gaps and key areas needed for effective and advance flood forecasting. (vii) Provide capacity building and training at Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB) in flood forecasting and related areas including effective ways for disseminating information to stakeholders. (viii) Help BWDB prepare a comprehensive FFS strategy and program, including a road map, project profiles, and prefeasibility studies for recommended key studies and investment projects supporting the FFS. (ix) Help BWDB prepare a new strategy for early dissemination of information and assist in building capacity of BWDB staff to implement the new strategy.

Summary of Environmental and Social Aspects

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12 Sep 2004 to 27 Sep 2004

Board Approval
20 Jan 2005