39127-012: Earthquake and Tsunami Emergency Support Project

Project Data Sheet (PDS): Details


The overall goal of the ETESP is to help rebuild the affected regions and support their economic revival to meet the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs). The immediate purpose of ETESP will be to provide Disaster Mgt Rehabilitation and Reconstruction support to: (i) facilitate economic revival in the affected regions, through restoration of livelihoods; (ii) restore essential public services and rebuild infrastructure, with the aim of alleviating constraints faced by the lack of adequate public goods and facilities.

It has five principal components:
(i) Livelihood Restoration- rehabilitate agriculture and fisheries sectors, the main livelihood of majority of the Acehenese, and reivie micro and small enterprises (MSMEs);
(ii) Social Services Provision- rehabilitate and reconstruct health and eduction facilities, and support skills development of the affected population through vocational training;
(iii) Community Infrastructure- provide water and sanitation facilities, rebuild irrigation infrastructure, and rehabilitate and reconsturct the damaged and lost housing stock within an integrated community development framework;
(iv) Physical Infrastructure- rebuild the damaged roads and bridges, restore electricity, support sound spatial planning and strengthen environmental management systems; and
(v) Fiduciary Governance- ensure sound oversight on utilization of donor funds in the DMRR process, and facilitate effective delivery of ETESP support.

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Environment: B
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Summary of Environmental and Social Aspects

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Project Data Sheets (PDS)


16 Mar 2005 to 30 Mar 2005

Management Review Meeting
31 May 2005

30 Oct 2006