40282-012: Geo-Information Technology for Hazard Risk Assessment

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Date of First Listing: 11 Dec 2008

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The TA will be implemented over 18 months. It is anticipated that it will commence in March 2009 and be completed by August 2010. Its implementation will require the services of a multidisciplinary team of international and national consultants. The consultants, to be recruited under ADB's Guidelines on the Use of Consultants (2007, as amended from time to time), will provide 34 person-months of national and 20 person-months of international consultant inputs. The international consultants will encompass the range of technical skills needed for this TA, specifically flood modeling disaster management, GIS and remote sensing, economic analysis, and geo-hazard assessment. National consultants will provide expertise in training, flood hydrology, and computer operation for GIS.

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