43071-012: Strengthening the Capacity of Pacific Developing Member Countries to Respond to Climate Change (Phase 1)

Project Data Sheet (PDS): Details

Project Rationale and Linkage to Country/Regional Strategy

ADB s Pacific developing member countries (DMCs) are among the countries most vulnerable to climate change, which can compromise their prosperity, stability, and security. They have begun to mainstream climate change considerations into their national policies and planning processes, and have requested technical and financial assistance from ADB. ADB responded positively with a commitment to assist in implementing national plans for climate change adaptation and mitigation and to work with other international and intergovernmental development partners helping the countries tackle climate change impacts and access finance for their climate change action plans. The TA is in line with the Pacific Regional Cooperation Strategy. Improved climate proofing of infrastructure has been identified as a key result area under the Revised Pacific Strategy (2005-2009), which is supportive of the physical, economic, and social infrastructure development of the countries in the region. Climate change is also a core priority area identified in ADB s Strategy 2020. The TA also supports the achievement of a number of objectives of the ADB Country Partnership Strategy (CPSs) and Country Operations Business Plans (COBPs) in the Pacific Region. For instance, the objectives in Palau s CPS, 2009-2013 include (i) facilitation of private sector development, (ii) delivery of safe water and sanitation services to Palauans, and (iii) managing the threat of climate change. CPS investments in water supply and sanitation, as well as support to the enabling environment for private sector development, require an integrated approach to environmental management and climate change adaptation. Likewise, the Marshall Islands COBP, 2009-2011 prioritizes technical assistance and policy advice for adaptation to global climate change. The TA builds upon a previous assistance to selected Pacific DMCs, which focused on mainstreaming climate change risk management into country strategies and programs.


Improved abilities of participating Pacific DMCs to prepare for, and respond to, climate change.

Project Outcome

Description of Outcome

Climate risk management, adaptation practices, and greenhouse gas mitigation measures incorporated into infrastructure and key sector investment plans and project designs

Progress Towards Outcome

Most of TA implementation activities have been completed, with final reports and knowledge products currently being processed for publication.

Implementation Progress

Description of Project Outputs

Development of a PCCP Adaptation preparation in selected Pacific DMCs 2.1 Strengthening institutional capacity to prepare and assess climate-oriented environmental assessments (EIAs and IEEs) 2.2 Information system for multisectoral climate change V&A assessment 2.3 Mainstreaming of climate risk management and adaptation policies and measures to support a sustainable and resilient economy 2.4 Design of pilot adaptation projects Mitigation projects in selected Pacific DMCs 3.1 Promotion of renewable energy in the Pacific 3.2 Promotion of carbon trading through Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)

Stakeholder Participation and Consultation

During Project Implementation
The TA regularly communicated with partner/counterpart government agencies, local stakeholders including communities, non-government organizations (NGOs), and/or other development partners during project implementation.

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Project Data Sheets (PDS)


Concept Clearance
26 Jun 2009

24 Aug 2009 to 28 Aug 2009

Board Approval
30 Aug 2010