06 June 2012
Consultation Meeting on Renewable Energy Sector Developments and Possible Initiatives

The Center for Clean and Renewable Energy Development (C-CRED) convened a meeting with its partners to discuss developments in the renewable energy (RE) sector and to identify constructive efforts by which it can, together with government and the Asian Development Bank, collaborate to develop and harness RE to benefit the marginalized sectors of society.

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21 - 23 May 2012
ADB-DOE Clean Technology Fund Investment Plan Consultations

Day 1 of the ADB-DOE Clean Technology Fund Investment Plan Consultations held at ADB Headquarters in Manila.
Day 2 of the Consultation Meeting on the DOE‐ADB Initiative for E‐trikes in the Philippines on the Electrification of Public Transport: Why E-trikes?
Day 3 of the Consultation Meeting on the DOE‐ADB Initiative for E-trikes in the Philippines on Alternative Fuel Vehicle & Finance and Project Design.

The Department of Energy (DOE) and the ADB hosted a series of consultations with civil society organizations and other stakeholders to review the Philippines CTF Investment Plan update and the proposed electric tricycles (e-trike) project.

The consultations covered the following topics:

Why not Renewable Energy for the CTF?
Electrification of Public Transport: Why E-Trikes?
Alternative Fuel Vehicles and Finance
Project Level Discussions

Objectives were, among others, to understand the current state of renewable energy in the Philippines and justify why electric tricycles were selected by the DOE to receive CTF funding.

May 21
Switch from RE to Sustainable Transport

This was the first in a series of civil society consultations evaluating the reallocation of CTF funds from the renewable energy sector to the sustainable transport sector, namely the e-Trike project.

May 22
Why E-trikes?

This topic was addressed on the second day of consultations. The objective was to clarify and discuss the need for electrification of tricycles as part of the DOE-ADB initiative using resources from the Clean Technology Fund.

May 23
Project Design and AFV Financing

On the final day of the 3-day consultations, the objectives were twofold: to understand and contribute to specific aspects of the e-trike project design, and to understand the proposed e-trike financing scheme.

More photos of the 3 day consultation are available on the e-Trike Facebook page.