44212-013: Coastal Towns Environmental Infrastructure Project

Business Opportunities

Date of First Listing: 23 Oct 2013

Procurement Plans

Consulting Services

All consultants will be recruited according to ADB s Guidelines on the Use of Consultants (March 2013 as amended from time to time). An estimated 1,413 person-months (110 international and 1,303 national) of consulting services are required. There are two major packages: (i) project management and supervision consultancies, and (ii) institutional capacity and community development consultant will be recruited following the quality- and cost-based selection (QCBS) or quality-based selection (QBS) with a 90:10 ratio.

Consulting Services Recruitment Notices (CSRN)

There are no CSRN currently available for this project.


All procurement of goods and works will be undertaken in accordance with ADB s Procurement Guidelines (March 2013, as amended from time to time). Since this project involves both ADB-administered cofinancing resources and ADF resources, universal procurement will apply.

Procurement Notices

There are no procurement notices currently available for this project.

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