47163-001: Development and Dissemination of Climate-Resilient Rice Varieties for Water-Short Areas of South Asia and Southeast Asia

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Date of First Listing: 27 Jun 2013

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Consulting Services

Because of IRRI s long track record and internationally recognized research, training, and knowledge transfer works in developing new rice varieties and rice crop management techniques that help rice farmers improve the yield and quality of their rice in an environmentally sustainable way, ADB will engage IRRI, and its associated research institutions in each of the participating countries, to provide the consulting services using single source selection. IRRI will propose a team comprising of (i) an international senior scientist staff member to act as team leader (1.2 person-months); (ii) an international rice breeder/agronomist (24 person-months) to help manage the breeding and screening program; (iii) two international plant breeders (total 48 person-months) to assist associated country research institutions with seed multiplication, dissemination, varietal evaluation and survey, and impact assessment; and (vi) two international research assistants who are Ph.D. students from the participating countries (total 48 person-months); and (v) five national research technicians (total 120 person-months), located at IRRI, to assist with research work.

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