Archived Projects

This archive contains basic information on ADB projects approved in or before 1997. Information concerning ADB-assisted projects held by ADB for more than 20 years from the date such information was produced by, or provided to ADB will be considered historical information and shall be disclosed upon request in accordance with para. 98 of ADB's Public Communications Policy (PCP) 2011.

For matters related to PCP and the disclosure of project information and the transparency of ADB operations contact the Public Information and Disclosure Unit (InfoUnit).

Country Project Name Type of Assistance Approval Number Approval Date
Philippines LN1599-PHI: Subic Bay Area Municipal Development Project 1599 19 Dec 1997
Korea, Republic of LN1602-KOR: Instit'l Strengthening Of The Finan'l Sector 1602 19 Dec 1997
Thailand LN1600-THA: Financial Markets Reform Program 1600 19 Dec 1997
Korea, Republic of LN1601-KOR: Financial Sector Program 1601 19 Dec 1997
Viet Nam LN1598-VIE: Phuoc Hoa Multipurpose Water Resources (Engineering) Project 1598 18 Dec 1997
Viet Nam LN1598-VIE: Phuoc Hoa Multipurpose Water Resources (Engineering) Project 1598 18 Dec 1997
Malaysia LN1596-MAL: Technical Education Project 1596 17 Dec 1997
Uzbekistan LN1594-UZB: Basic Education Textbook Development Project 1594 17 Dec 1997
Kazakhstan LN1592-KAZ: Water Resources Management And Land Improvement Project 1592 17 Dec 1997
India LN1591-IND: LPG Pipeline Project 1591 16 Dec 1997
Kazakhstan LN1589-KAZ: Pension Reform Program 1589 16 Dec 1997
Philippines LN1590-PHI: Power Transmission Reinforcement Project 1590 16 Dec 1997
Indonesia LN1587-INO: Metropolitan Medan Urban Development Project 1587 08 Dec 1997
Indonesia LN1586-INO: Eastern Islands Air Transport Development 1586 08 Dec 1997
China, People's Republic of LN1584-PRC: Xiamen Port Project 1584 27 Nov 1997
Indonesia LN1583-INO: Rural Income Generation 1583 25 Nov 1997
China, People's Republic of LN1582-PRC: Northeast Power Transmission 1582 25 Nov 1997
Indonesia LN1579-INO: Northern Sumatra Irrigated Agri Sect Proj 1579 13 Nov 1997
Pakistan LN1576-PAK: Capital Market Development Program 1576 06 Nov 1997
Indonesia LN1573-INO: 2nd Jr. Secondary Education Project 1573 06 Nov 1997