Archived Projects

This archive contains basic information on ADB projects approved before 2005. All other projects may be found in the ADB Projects Database. Information concerning ADB-assisted projects held by ADB for more than 20 years from the date such information was produced by, or provided to ADB will be considered historical information and shall be disclosed upon request in accordance with para. 98 of ADB's Public Communications Policy (PCP) 2011.

For matters related to PCP and the disclosure of project information and the transparency of ADB operations contact the Public Information and Disclosure Unit (InfoUnit).

Country Project Title Modality Approval Date
India TA1837Natural Gas Rehabilitation and Expansion Technical Assistance 31 Dec 1992
Nepal TA1838Primary Education Development Technical Assistance 22 Dec 1992
Indonesia TA1839Impact Evaluation Study in the Education Sector Technical Assistance 3 Dec 1992
Mongolia TA1840Employment-Generation Technical Assistance 8 Jan 1993
Maldives TA1841Second Maldives Port Authority Technical Assistance 8 Jan 1993
Lao People's Democratic Republic TA1843Mechanism for Tendering Government Paper Technical Assistance 25 Jan 1993
Lao People's Democratic Republic TA1844Pension Fund and Leasing Legislation Technical Assistance 25 Jan 1993
Philippines TA1845Second Provincial Towns Water Supply Technical Assistance 25 Jan 1993
Nepal TA1846Re-Evaluation Study for the Sagarnath Forestry Development Technical Assistance 26 Jan 1993
Marshall Islands TA1847Disaster Mitigation and Management Technical Assistance 28 Jan 1993
Fiji TA1848Institutional Strengthening of the Forestry of the Economics Unit Technical Assistance 5 Feb 1993
Indonesia TA1849Microcredit Technical Assistance 23 Feb 1993
China, People's Republic of TA1850Conference on the Roles of Planning and the Market in Economic Management Technical Assistance 24 Feb 1993
China, People's Republic of TA1851Seminar on Bank Operational Policies and Procedures in PRC, 1993 Technical Assistance 5 Mar 1993
China, People's Republic of TA1852Dalian Water Supply Technical Assistance 10 Mar 1993
India TA1853Third Ports Technical Assistance 11 Mar 1993
Nepal TA1854Agriculture Perspective Plan (Supplementary) Technical Assistance 12 Dec 1994
Mongolia TA1855Institutional Strengthening of the Financial Sector Technical Assistance 17 Mar 1993
Lao People's Democratic Republic TA1856Financial Sector Review Technical Assistance 23 Mar 1993
Indonesia TA1857Agricultural Sector Planning for Repelita VI Technical Assistance 24 Mar 1993