Archived Projects

This archive contains basic information on ADB projects approved in or before 1997. Information concerning ADB-assisted projects held by ADB for more than 20 years from the date such information was produced by, or provided to ADB will be considered historical information and shall be disclosed upon request in accordance with para. 98 of ADB's Public Communications Policy (PCP) 2011.

For matters related to PCP and the disclosure of project information and the transparency of ADB operations contact the Public Information and Disclosure Unit (InfoUnit).

Country Project Name Type of Assistance Approval Number Approval Date
Malaysia TA2713-MAL: Upgrading the Labor Market Information System 2713 16 Dec 1996
Marshall Islands TA2710-RMI: Improved Financial Management 2710 13 Dec 1996
Indonesia TA2709-INO: Horticulture and Agribusiness Development 2709 13 Dec 1996
Kyrgyz Republic TA2712-KGZ: Preparation and Implementation of Guidelines on Best Practice in Corporate Governance 2712 13 Dec 1996
Lao People's Democratic Republic TA2711-LAO: Small Towns Water Supply and Sanitation 2711 13 Dec 1996
Indonesia TA2705-INO: Trade and Industry Planning & Strategy Formulation for Repelita VII 2705 12 Dec 1996
Viet Nam TA2704-VIE: Hazardous Waste Management 2704 12 Dec 1996
China, People's Republic of TA2707-PRC: Study on PRC Legal Information System 2707 12 Dec 1996
Samoa TA2708-SAM: Assistance to Housing Sector 2708 12 Dec 1996
Cambodia TA2706-CAM: Institutional Strengthening of the State Secretariat of Civil Aviation 2706 12 Dec 1996
Papua New Guinea TA2703-PNG: Labor, Employment and Skills Development Policy Agenda 2703 11 Dec 1996
Viet Nam TA2701-VIE: Institutional Strengthening of the National Office for Procurement Evaluation (Phase II) 2701 09 Dec 1996
India TA2702-IND: Preparation of Natural Gas Development Master Plan 2702 09 Dec 1996
Indonesia LN1501-INO: Regional Development Account Project 1501 05 Dec 1996
Malaysia LN1500-MAL: Klang River Basin Environmental Improvement & Flood Mitigation 1500 05 Dec 1996
India TA2700-IND: Housing Finance Facility 2700 05 Dec 1996
Indonesia TA2699-INO: Institutional Strengthening of Regional Development Account 2699 05 Dec 1996
Thailand TA2698-THA: Khon Kaen Water Supply and Sanitation 2698 04 Dec 1996
Tonga TA2694-TON: Institutional Development of the Tonga Electric Power Board & for Rural Electrification 2694 03 Dec 1996
Mongolia TA2697-MON: Implementation of Bank Restructuring Strategies 2697 03 Dec 1996