Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Project: Project Data Sheet (Khmer Translation)

Date: November 2012
Document Type: Translated PDS
Project Number: 41403-012

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The technical assistance (TA) will support institutional strengthening, capacity development, and assist Ministry of Industry, Mines, and Energy (MIME) to develop its regulatory functions. The TA will assist MIME to: (i) update its current urban water supply policy; (ii) prepare an urban water sector development strategy; (iii) develop instruments to strengthen economic and technical regulation; (iv) establish nonrevenue water management departments at the provincial waterworks; and (v) corporatize/commercialize the provincial waterworks, granting them similar levels of autonomy afforded to Phnom Penh Water Supply Authority and Siem Reap Water Supply Authority.

This translated project data sheet (PDS) in Khmer is provided for the Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Project in Cambodia.