Afulilo Environmental Enhancement

Date: September 2012
Document Type: Completion Reports / TA Completion Reports
Project Number: 42152-012

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This paper is a technical assistance completion report for the Afulilo Environmental Enhancement project in Samoa describing expected impact, outcome and outputs, conduct of activities, evaluation and achievement of outcome, assessment and rating, major lessons, recommendations and follow-up actions.

The preparation of the TA outputs was carried out successfully in the context of participatory consultation with a cross section of stakeholders, having conducted consultations with affected communities in the area of influence of the project, civil society organizations, private sector, relevant governmental entities, and public sector authorities.

Overall, the TA is rated as successful, with the expected outputs for Phase 1 delivered according to the TOR, and the intended objectives of the TA achieved, even though it was not completed within the original time schedule, due to the difficulty and complexity of the outcomes, specially the interaction with project stakeholders and environmental studies. Phase 2 will be implemented after ADB receives the government’s signal to proceed.