Basic Education Sector Capacity Support Program (formerly Decentralized Education Management II)

Date: January 2013
Document Type: Completion Reports / TA Completion Reports
Project Number: 37472-012

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This technical assistance (TA) completion report for the Decentralized Education Management II project describes the expected impact, outcome and outputs, conduct of activities, evaluation and achievement of outcome, assessment and rating, major lessons, recommendations and follow-up actions.

Overall, the TA was considered successful in achieving its envisaged outputs and outcome. The TA was effective in promoting ownership of the government at the central and regional level, and in strengthening cooperation with development partners.

Through a nationwide capacity building program at school level in 2011 with AusAID financing support, the minimum service standards (MSS) was disseminated to all schools and madrasahs at the primary and junior secondary level, which promote sustainability.