Bihar State Highways II Project - Additional Financing: Project Data Sheet ( हिन्दी)

Date: November 2012
Document Type: Translated PDS
Project Number: 44425-013

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The project will expand the original Bihar State Highways II Project Original Project output by rehabilitating and upgrading about 254 km of state highways in Bihar identified under the Bihar State Highways Development Program (BSHDP).

The project will scale up the Original Project by further expanding the highway upgrading component from 356 km to 610 km. It will help achieve the full extent of the improvements envisaged under the Original Project by covering additional geographic areas in North and South Bihar, increasing the number of project beneficiaries in poor villages, and optimizing access to the state highway network.

This translated project data sheet (PDS) for the Bihar State Highways II Project - Additional Financing is in provided in Hindi.