Computer Access Mentorship Program - A Public-Private Partnership for Enhancing Education Quality

Date: April 2013
Document Type: Consultant's Reports
Project Number: 43195-012

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The Asian Development Bank (ADB) approved on 12 April 2010 the provision of capacity development technical assistance, through a partnership agreement between ADB and Sa Aklat Sisikat Foundation, Inc. (SAS), in collaboration with the Boy Scouts of the Philippines and the Department of Education. SAS is a registered nongovernment organization, involved in upgrading the skills of public elementary teachers in the teaching of reading since 1999.

To reach larger numbers of teachers, dispersed over a wide geographic area, and in response to the urgent need for functional literacy, the Computer Access Mentorship Program (CAMP) pilot project was designed and aimed at developing and providing ready access to an ICT-based training program to improve the quality of teaching reading online. The program is an extension of the current SAS program, which currently improves reading skills only through the face-to-face training of teachers. CAMP is a pilot online training software directed towards educating public elementary school teachers in the latest and most progressive methods of teaching reading for meaning in their classrooms. The pilot was implemented over the course of three consecutive years (2010-2013).

A baseline survey was conducted in August 2011 which covered individual interviews in different schools, across all municipalities in the National Capital Region. In each of the sampled schools, teachers were selected at random to participate. The results and key findings of the baseline survey is presented as an appendix.