CAREC Corridors 3 and 5 Enhancement Project: Rehabilitation of 88 km Vose - Khovaling Sub-network Connecting Road (Draft)

Date: June 2013
Document Type: Resettlement Planning Documents / Resettlement Plans
Project Number: 46543-002

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This draft resettlement plan for CAREC Corridors 3 and 5 Enhancement Project in Tajikistan addresses rehabilitation of 88 km Vose - Khovaling sub-network connecting road. It provides preliminary assessment of the Project impacts and plans needed compensation/rehabilitation measures. Its preparation involved: (i) secondary data obtained from state institutions; (ii) list of affected properties and information provided by the Design Institute; (iii) consultation with governmental agencies and affected persons (APs); (iv) socio-economic survey and census of APs of all affected households; and (v) valuation of affected assets. This resettlement plan fits relevant legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan and the ADB’s Safeguard Policy Statement of 2009.