CAREC Transport Corridor I (Zhambyl Oblast Section) [Western Europe-Western People's Republic of China International Transit Corridor] Investment Program - Project 2

Date: June 2011
Document Type: Environmental and Social Monitoring Reports / Social Monitoring Reports
Project Number: 41121-033

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This report is the second Internal Land Acquisition Monitoring Review Report covering ADB financed section of the International Transport Corridor CAREC I, Tranche 2 that is being implemented within Zhambyl Oblast in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

This report is based on the issues and actions defined in the Land Acquisition and Resettlement Plan, Final Version that was prepared and issued in December 2009 and the new version for the realigned section from Km 305-331 prepared in June 2011 by Dohwa Engineers, Ltd. It focuses on the Road Section Km. 305-331 (realigned section) & 331-389.5 (unchanged section).