City Region Development Project: Narayanganj Drainage Subproject - Updated Initial Environmental Examination

Date: February 2014
Document Type: Environmental Assessment and Measures / Initial Environmental Examination
Project Number: 39298-013

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This initial environmental examination is an update of a previous version prepared during the project preparation phase for the City Region Development Project in Bangladesh. It describes the environmental condition of the Narayanganj Drainage Subproject and includes potential impacts, the formulation of mitigation measures, and the preparation of institutional requirements and environmental monitoring for the project. 

The subproject has been categorized as 'B‘ in accordance with ADB's Safeguard Policy Statement (2009). If the mitigation, compensation and enhancement measures are implemented in full, there should be no significant negative environmental impacts as a result of location, design, construction or operation of the subproject. Once the improved drainage ways are operational the affected area will be relived of acute drainage congestion and water logging.