Coastal Towns Infrastructure Improvement Project: Project Design Advance

Date: August 2012
Document Type: Project Design Advance
Project Number: 44212-023

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The project design advance (PDA) provides quick-disbursing resources for project formulation and development, encompassing detailed engineering design and broader project and program preparatory work. 

This PDA for the Coastal Towns Infrastructure Improvement Project in Bangladesh will finance consultancy to undertake the following for the ensuing project: (i) conducting physical surveys; (ii) undertaking feasibility studies, including preliminary engineering design and cost estimates for subprojects; (iii) identifying and prioritizing subprojects; (iv) conducting technical assessments of subprojects; (v) undertaking detailed engineering designs, including specifications, drawings, and detailed cost estimates; (vi) preparing bidding documents; and (vii) analyzing the social and environmental safeguard implications of detailed designs and preparing necessary safeguard documentation.