Domestic Maritime Support (Sector) Project

Date: April 2012
Document Type: Change in Scope, Amount, and Implementation Arrangements / Grant Change in Scope, Amount, and Implementation Arrangements
Project Number: 40263-022

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To overcome the cost overruns estimated at $4.81 million and financing gap of $2.77 million, the Government of Australia (through the Australian Agency for International Development) and the Government of New Zealand (through the New Zealand Aid Programme) have committed to providing additional grants of A$4.00 million and $2.50 million, respectively for the Domestic Maritime Support (Sector) Project in Solomon Islands. The additional financing is consistent with the project's development objectives; government priorities in the National Transport Plan, 2010-2030; and ADB's current Country Partnership Strategy, 2012-2016. The additional grants will finance reconstruction and rehabilitation of five wharves at (i) Tatamba, Isabel Province; (ii) Ringgi, Western Province; (iii) Ngasini, Western Province; (iv) Waisisi, Malaita Province; and (v) Uhu, Malaita Province, as well as consultancy services for design, supervision, and project management.