Dry Zone Urban Water and Sanitation Project - for Mannar Water Supply

Date: November 2012
Document Type: Environmental Assessment and Measures / Initial Environmental Examination
Project Number: 37381-013

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The Dry Zone Urban Water and Sanitation Project (DZUWSSP) will improve infrastructure through the development, design and implementation of subprojects in water supply and sanitation in each town. The Project has been classified by ADB as environmental assessment category B sensitive, as the Vavuniya water supply subproject includes one environmentally sensitive component (a 4 m high dam and 215 ha storage reservoir). The impacts of providing infrastructure in the four urban areas were assessed by four Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) reports (one for each location). For Vavuniya an Environmental Management Plan for the storage reservoir and a detailed Environmental Monitoring plan (EnvMP) for the other less sensitive sub-components have been prepared. In the other three towns, where impacts will be less significant, and individually can be classified as Category B, detailed Environmental Monitoring Plans have been prepared. Studies were conducted according to ADB Environment Policy (2002) and Environmental Assessment Guidelines (2003) and this document is the IEE report for Mannar.

The Dry Zone Urban Water and Sanitation Program (DZUWSP) is intended to facilitate sustainable development in disadvantaged districts in Sri Lanka. This will be achieved by investing in priority water supply and sanitation infrastructure in selected urban areas. Assistance will be targeted in those parts of the Northern and North-Western Provinces with the most acute shortages of drinking water and sanitation. Chosen urban areas are the towns of Mannar, Vavuniya, Puttalam and Chilaw.