Education Sector Development Program: Environmental and Social System Assessment

Date: April 2013
Document Type: Environmental Assessment and Measures
Project Number: 39293-037

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This environmental and social systems assessment (ESSA) reviews the environmental and social management framework (ESMF) of the Education Sector Development Framework and Program (ESDFP) in Sri Lanka and determines whether ESMF meets ADB's safeguard policy requirements. The assessment has been conducted with the participation of and in consultation with Program stakeholders (including school communities, teachers, principals, and relevant field and provincial staff) and paying attention to lessons learned from the implementation of ESDFP. The ESSA provides an assessment on the adequacy of ESMF to address ESDFP's potential safeguard impacts to ensure that mitigation measures are in place to avoid or mitigate any adverse impacts; to determine whether program systems could manage and mitigate environmental and social impacts of the overall Program; and to identify appropriate measures to strengthen the Program, ensuring effective implementation of safeguards system.