Financing Brick Kiln Efficiency Improvement Project

Date: April 2012
Document Type: Reports and Recommendations of the President
Project Number: 45273-001

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Report and recommendation of the President describing terms and conditions proposed for the Financing Brick Kiln Efficiency Improvement Project in Bangladesh, for the approval of the Board of Directors of ADB.

The proposed project intends to establish a credit facility of $50 million equivalent in local currency at Bangladesh Bank (central bank) for relending to participating financial intermediaries for the purpose of constructing more energy-efficient and environmentally superior brick kilns. The credit facility has two components: (i) to upgrade existing polluting brick kilns to a transitional design to preserve sector welfare while immediately reducing pollution, and (ii) to promote the most advanced brick kiln pilots to demonstrate their operational and commercial viabilities in Bangladesh. The combined efforts will help build more energy-efficient brick manufacturing capacities in Bangladesh to transform the sector to a modern and efficient industry.

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