Fiscal Policy Support for Economic Development

Date: September 2012
Document Type: Completion Reports / TA Completion Reports
Project Number: 42002-012

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This paper is a technical assistance completion report for the Fiscal Policy Support for Economic Development in the People’s Republic of China project describing expected impact, outcome and outputs, conduct of activities, evaluation and achievement of outcome, assessment and rating, major lessons, recommendations and follow-up actions.

Many policy recommendations under the TA have been incorporated in the Henan provincial government’s policy documents. To achieve the development targets set out in the province’s 12th Five-Year Plan and the State Council’s guidelines on promoting development in the central  plains economic region in the PRC, Henan published a series of policy documents and regulations since 2011. These included the principles and guidelines on development of the central plains economic region, agribusiness improvement, industrial upgrading and optimization, outward economic reform, and educational investments. These documents reflected the TA’s findings and policy recommendations.