Fourth Health Sector Development (Additional Financing)

Date: August 2012
Document Type: Environmental Assessment and Measures / Initial Environmental Examination
Project Number: 41243-023

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This updated draft initial environmental examination describes the environmental conditions of the Fourth Health Sector Development Additional Financing in Mongolia, including potential impact, formulation of mitigation measures, and preparation of institutional requirements and environmental monitoring for the project. 

The original IEE for the project was approved in 2010 and one of the two main components involved a proposed addition to the Songinohairkhan District Hospital. This revised IEE addresses a changed project configuration in that the Songinohairkhan District Hospital will now be replaced with a completely new hospital on the same site. The new Hospital is a critical aspect of the hospital sector reforms initiated in the FHSDP. In addition, the MON: Fourth Health Sector Development Project Additional Financing is now a combination of grant and loan project, when previously it was only a grant project.