Preparing the Gansu Baiyin Urban Development II Project

Date: June 2013
Document Type: Technical Assistance Reports
Project Number: 46062-002

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This document provides project preparatory technical assistance (PPTA) report for the Gansu Baiyin Urban Development II Project in the People's Republic of China. The PPTA is needed to define the scope of the proposed project.

The technical assistance aims to: (i) design the project suitable for ADB financing by identifying the most appropriate project components and providing innovative idea, management approach, and technology to effectively contribute to the designed project impact; (ii) review proposed project components based on detailed due diligence assessment on industrial sector demand, technical, economic and financial, governance, safeguards, poverty and social, and project risks; (iii) provide trainings to the executing and implementing agencies, and other relevant stakeholders, to increase institutional capacity on project development and implementation procedures; and (iv) formulate measures to ensure long-term sustainability of project facilities, by improving the management and governance capacity of executing and implementing agencies.