Gansu Baiyin Urban Development Project

Date: June 2007
Document Type: Environmental Assessment and Measures
Project Number: 40051-013

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The Project involves three investment activities: (i) road and bridge construction, including drainage, lighting, landscaping, and traffic management facilities; (ii) district heating, including the installation of new boilers and pipelines; and (iii) land leveling and infrastructures for the SBIZ. The Project will also address these major issues: (i) the serious problem of air pollution from the countless small coal-fired boilers and family stoves, (ii) insufficiency of roads and bridges as well as traffic management facilities and the associated obstacles to residents' daily travel and economic development, (iii) soil erosion caused by construction activities in an ecologically vulnerable area, and (iii) the urgent need for economic diversification and transformation in a resource-exhausted mining city.