Greater Mekong Sub-region Corridor Towns Development Project: Phine Road Improvement Subproject

Date: July 2012
Document Type: Resettlement Planning Documents / Resettlement Plans
Project Number: 43319-022

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Resettlement plan for the Phine Road Improvement subproject under the Greater Mekong Subregion Corridor Towns Development project in Lao PDR containing time-bound actions and budgets, for the project components which have involuntary resettlement. This document represents a key requirement of ADB and will constitute the basis for land acquisition, compensation and resettlement.

In total the subproject will create impacts in four of the five villages that make up Phine town (in Phine District). The road upgrading subproject will directly affect 109 households and a total of 608 affected persons including 300 males and 308 females. Overall 14 of the AHs (13%) are headed by women.