Greater Mekong Subregion Capacity Building for HIV/AIDs Prevention

Date: November 2013
Document Type: Grant Assistance Reports / Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction
Project Number: 46490-001

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This grant assistance report for the proposed JFPR grant for the Greater Mekong Subregion Capacity Building for HIV/AIDs Prevention project in Myanmar. It provides background information on the project, including grant development objectives and expected key performance indicators, as well as the rationale for Grant Funding versus ADB Lending.

Myanmar is ranked as a high-burden country in Asia, with an estimated 240,000 people living with HIV. The project will contribute to accelerating the country’s progress in achieving the MDG targets on health. Outputs of the proposed grant project include:

  • strengthening health systems to more effectively plan and manage the HIV/AIDS/STI response at national and local levels
  • improving the capacity of service providers to ensure the delivery of a continuum of services—including prevention, treatment, and care,
  • support delivery of outreach services to initiate and sustain changes in behavior to reduce the incidences of HIV and other health risks in the key affected local groups and communities along the economic corridors and in cross-border areas
  • contribute to the ongoing mapping and understanding of the geographical distribution of risk in the proposed project areas