Himal Power Limited Project

Date: November 2006
Document Type: Environmental and Social Monitoring Reports / Environmental Monitoring Reports
Project Number: 27707-014

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The year 2005-2006 (2062-63) is the 6th Commercial Operation year of Khimti I Hydropower Plant. The operation of the power plant was smooth during this year. This year the monsoon has been a month late. A system for the monitoring of dry season minimum release flow from the diversion weir has been maintained well. Re-vegetation is satisfactory in all spoil tip areas and Headworks. Rural electrification in the project-affected areas carried out by Jhankre Rural Electrification and Development Project (JREDP) is going smooth. The JREDP project is almost completed and preparations are being made to handover the assets and systems developed in the project to the Khimti Rural Electric Cooperative (KREC) as planned. Regular monitoring of the landslide at Headworks and Koile is being carried out. Compensation payment to the landowners against the land slide at Koile has been completed. Environmental mitigation was carried out smoothly. The Haluwa Khola irrigating canal is running well for irrigating the Gogantar plateau. The relation with the local communities and the governmental bodies remained good.