Hunan Roads Development III Project: Project Procurement-Related Review Report

Date: February 2011
Document Type: Audit and Performance Evaluation Reports / Project Procurement-Related Reviews
Project Number: 37494-013

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This report presents findings and recommendations as a result of the project procurement-related review (PPRR) undertaken by the Asian Development Bank's Office of Anticorruption and Integrity (OAI) on Loan 2219-PRC: Hunan Roads Development III Project. OAI conducts PPRRs to identify and reduce internal control weaknesses that may allow fraud, corruption, or abuse to occur in ADB- financed projects. The loan was approved on 15 December 2005, and the Loan Agreement was signed on 15 November 2006.

The Project aims to help promote sustainable economic growth and poverty reduction in Hunan province and the Project area. The Project is intended to achieve this by (a) enhancing road transport efficiency and safety; (b) providing a link in the Changsa-Chongqing corridor, one of eight high-priority western corridors; and (c) improving rural minority villages' access to income- generating opportunities and social services.