Increasing Competitiveness for Inclusive Growth Program (Subprogram 1)

Date: June 2012
Document Type: Reports and Recommendations of the President
Project Number: 43396-013

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Report and recommendation of the President describing terms and conditions proposed for the Increasing Competitiveness for Inclusive Growth Program (Subprogram 1) in the Philippines, for the approval of the Board of Directors of ADB.

The program will support the government’s key reform priorities aimed at employment generation by increasing competitiveness in the economy using an inclusive approach through the labor market. The structural reform priorities include efforts to enhance the business climate by promoting competition policy, regulatory efficiency, competitive logistics, and private sector participation in infrastructure through public–private partnership (PPP) projects. The program also supports the government’s efforts to promote competitive labor markets through piloting a job placement program to assist young school leavers find decent jobs (MyFirstJob), piloting an industry-led skills and services development program, and labor policy reforms.