Integrated Urban Development Project

Date: September 2011
Document Type: Consultant's Reports
Project Number: 42161-012

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This Final Report and the four Town Reports are for ADB TA 7727-NEP: Preparing the Integrated Urban Development Project (IUDP) for the preparation of loan from the Asian Development Bank for improving infrastructure and municipal service delivery and mainstreaming gender equality and social inclusion in four municipalities in Nepal and for strengthening capacity of MPPW to integrate gender and inclusion in their functioning. The four municipalities are Nepulganj, Siddharthanagar, Janakpur and Dharan. The project will include investment in physical infrastructure at town level with proposals for capacity building and institutional strengthening of municipal and state authorities. The Project will also focus on improving the conditions of women, the poor and the excluded by undertaking a community development program and gender equality and social exclusion (GESI) activities.