Introducing BOO/BOT Concept for Shanghai Waigaoqiao Stage II Project

Date: July 1997
Document Type: Completion Reports / TA Completion Reports

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The objective of the TA was to help SMEPC prepare the Waigaoqiao Project for implementation under BOO/BOT scheme by assisting in the development of procedures, guidelines and documents for bidding. The TA was to (i) identify the scope of the Waigaoqiao Project and recommend an appropriate set of guidelines, rules, regulations and incentives for attracting the most favorable responses from bidders; (ii) develop bidding procedures and request for proposal documents including power purchase agreement, fuel supply agreement, and implementation agreement for the Waigaoqiao Project; and (iii) provide a field study to key officials from the Government and SMEPC involved in the policy making and implementation of BOO/BOT projects on the latest developments on this area.