Jaipur Metro Rail Project

Date: June 2013
Document Type: Resettlement Planning Documents
Project Number: 46417-001

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This provides resettlement due diligence report for the Jaipur Metro Rail Project in India. The report covers both Line 1 Phase 1A and Line 1 Phase 1B as once completed it will be one corridor with a common station at Chandpole. The due diligence report has been prepared in 2 parts: Part 1 covering the Line 1 Phase 1A (Mansarovar to Chandpole) and Part 2 covering Line 1 Phase 1B (Chandpole to Badi Choupar).

A due diligence on social safeguards was carried out for the Line 1 phase 1A, financed by government in order to understand the resettlement actions conducted by Jaipur Metro and to ascertain whether there was any reputational risk involved for ADB in financing phase 1B. ADB conducted Reconnaissance Mission on 6-17 December 2012. During the mission site visits were made to Line 1 Phase 1A and Line 1 Phase 1B. The mission also undertook consultations with the affected persons for Line 1 Phase 1A.