Mainstreaming Managing for Development Results (MfDR) in Support of Poverty Reduction in South Asia

Date: December 2006
Document Type: Change in Scope, Amount, and Implementation Arrangements / TA Change in Scope, Amount, and Implementation Arrangements
Project Number: 39601-012

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The regional technical assistance (RETA) to support the mainstreaming of MfDR in selected DMCs in South Asia was approved by the President on 27 January 2006 for $1,800,000 - financed on a grant basis by the Poverty Reduction Cooperation Fund (PRF). The purpose of the RETA is to assess and then strengthen capacity in Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan for results orientation, which will eventually enable development partners to rely more confidently on country systems for planning, strategy development, resource allocation, and accountability of development resources, thus allowing the delivery of more flexible and relevant forms of development assistance.