Managing the Cities in Asia

Date: August 2013
Document Type: Change in Scope, Amount, and Implementation Arrangements / TA Change in Scope, Amount, and Implementation Arrangements
Project Number: 39185-012

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The purpose of the TA was to undertake integrated analysis and increase operational understanding of issues related to city management, and to position ADB to meet the high demand from its DMCs for information in this key area of socioeconomic development. It also intended to improve ADB's partnerships with city management experts and institutions in the region, and demonstrate ADB's character as a regional knowledge center. Key findings from the TA were compiled in Managing Asian Cities, a knowledge product widely disseminated for DMC use.

The TA has undergone eight previous changes in scope incorporating the equivalent of $14.739 million from the TASF-V, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, the Government of Spain, the Nordic Development Fund, the German Kreditanstalt fuer Wiederaufbau (KfW), and the Government of Austria. The TA funds have prepared urban infrastructure investment prioritization plans and prefeasibility studies for priority infrastructure projects identified by cities and funding agencies. The changes increased the total TA amount to $15.719 million and provided long-term consultants to manage the CDIA and short-term consultant teams to help cities formulate investment projects and develop institutional capacity.

Given the CDIA’s new Strategy and Business Plan, which covers the period to 2017 together with the funding commitments of the development partners, amounting to about $30 million, , and the demonstrated demand for CDIA services, activities under the current TA are envisaged to be ongoing well into the future.