Market Transformation Through Introduction of Energy-Efficient Electric Vehicles

Date: November 2012
Document Type: Reports and Recommendations of the President
Project Number: 43207-013

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This provides the report and recommendation of the president (RRP) for the proposed loan and administration of loan and grant to the Republic of the Philippines for the Market Transformation through Introduction of Energy-Efficient Electric Vehicles Project.  The RRP describes the terms and conditions for the project, for the approval of ADB's Board of Directors. 

The proposed project will replace 100,000 gasoline tricycles (motorcycles with a passenger sidecar) with three wheel plug-in electric vehicles running on an electric motor and rechargeable battery (e-trikes). The project will initiate a transformation of the tricycle subsector by (i) improving the livelihoods of tricycle drivers through higher incomes and a better work environment; (ii) generating global environmental benefits and reducing the carbon footprint of the tricycle industry through the introduction of low-carbon, e-trike technology; and (iii) leveraging private sector participation in the e-trike market.

This document is being disclosed to the public prior to Board consideration in accordance with ADB’s Public Communications Policy (2011). Subject to any revisions required following Board consideration, this document is deemed final.