Multisector Rehabilitation and Improvement Project for Azad Jammu & Kashmir

Date: December 2009
Document Type: Completion Reports / Project/Program Completion Reports
Project Number: 38135-013

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The Multisector Rehabilitation and Improvement Project (MSRIP) was the first ADB-supported investment in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) that mounted concerted efforts to rehabilitate and reconstruct essential physical and social infrastructure, which the government of AJK had not attended to for more than 5 decades mainly because of political instability, the lack of security in the region, and funding shortfalls. The MSRIP aimed to rapidly improve the well-being of 3.4 million people, mainly in low-income communities, by addressing their urgent social needs and filling investment gaps in health, education, water supply, roads and bridges, and power. It also aimed to engage in institutional development and capacity building in public agencies to ensure sustainable economic growth and poverty reduction in AJK.