North-South Road Corridor Investment Program Tranche 2 (Ashtarak–Talin Section): Land Acquisition and Resettlement Plan

Date: September 2012
Document Type: Resettlement Planning Documents / Resettlement Plans
Project Number: 42145-033

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The subject of this Land Acquisition and Resettlement Plan, developed by the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC) of Armenia, is the 42 km long Ashtarak to Talin (Km 29+600-71+500) section of the M1 highway which has been denoted as Tranche 2 (T2). The Project involves the upgrading of the existing M1 from 2-lane single carriageway to international standard Category 1, 4-lane dual carriageway.

This document discusses time-bound actions and budgets, for project components which have involuntary resettlement. It represents a key requirement of ADB and will constitute the basis for land acquisition, compensation and resettlement.