Northern Road Connectivity Project: Dambulla - Galkulama (A009)

Date: April 2010
Document Type: Environmental Assessment and Measures / Initial Environmental Examination
Project Number: 42254-013

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This initial environmental examination describes the environmental conditions for the  Dambulla - Galkulama section under the Northern Road Connectivity Project in Sri Lanka, including potential impact, formulation of mitigation measures, and preparation of institutional requirements and environmental monitoring for the project.

The rehabilitation and improvement activities of the proposed road section which runs through Dambulla, Kekirawa and Thirappnae DS Divisions in Matale and Anuradhapura Districts of Central and North Central provinces in Sri Lanka will have both positive and negative impacts to the existing environment. Almost all the negative environmental impacts are short-term and anticipated during the construction period. Hence these impacts can be easily mitigated by implementing the proposed measures and the environmental management plan.