Preparation of Sector Road Maps for Central and West Asia: An Infrastructure Road Map for Uzbekistan - Final Report

Date: November 2012
Document Type: Consultant's Reports
Project Number: 44402-012

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ADB’s Central and West Asia Department has undertaken, in partnership with the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the development of national road maps in the three key sectors (Energy, Urban Services and Transportation). These road maps are quantitative, and integrated across sectors. They provide a long-term (30-year) guidance for up to the year 2040; but also offer short-term (e.g. 5-year) analysis.

This report summarizes key assumptions, results and recommendations arising out of this exercise. The starting point for the methodology is the assessment of the current situation in all three sectors. This assessment encompasses supply, demand, commercial, regulatory and social aspects, and was largely accomplished in the course of two missions to Uzbekistan in May and October 2011.