Preparing the Private Sector Development Project

Date: December 2012
Document Type: Technical Assistance Reports
Project Number: 46436-001

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This document provides the project preparatory technical assistance (PPTA) report for Preparing the Private Sector Development Project in Samoa. The PPTA will be carried out in two phases. Phase 1: To finalize overall project concept and key parameters with government and the private sector based on selected products and respective analyses. Phase 2: Based on the agreements in phase 1 to (i) undertake due diligence covering technical, financial, economic, poverty and social and safeguards aspects in order to determine detailed project components; (ii) establish ownership by the government, the private sector, possible cofinanciers and other stakeholders of the design process and respective contributions; (iii) assess and agree with the government and the private sector on the scope of the proposed project, detailed components, implementation arrangements and financing mechanism; (iv) undertake capacity assessment of executing agency and implementing agencies; and (vi) collaborate with the Private Sector Operations Department on potential complementary investment activities.