Preparing the Secondary Towns Integrated Flood Protection II Project

Date: December 2002
Document Type: Technical Assistance Reports
Project Number: 26427-012

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This technical assistance report is a decision document for the project preparatory technical assistance to Bangladesh for the Secondary Towns Integrated Flood Protection II Project, containing issues, impacts, outcomes, methodology and key activities as well as cost and financing and implementation arrangements presented to ADB’s Board of Directors or Management for approval.

The objective of the TA is to prepare a project suitable for ADB financing that will provide in selected secondary towns a relatively flood-free and secure living environment within the framework of integrated urban environmental management. A special feature of the Project will be the integration of flood protection works with drainage system improvement, solid waste disposal, and upgrading of slums in secondary towns. Sustainability of the project investments will be ensured by enhancing the operational efficiency of the Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB) as well as improving management and financial performance of the participating municipalities.