Primary Education Development Support Program III: Social Management Framework

Date: January 2011
Document Type: Environmental Assessment and Measures / Environmental Assessment Review Framework
Project Number: 42122-013

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This social management framework is adopted to deal with social safeguard issues that may arise during implementation of the Third Primary Education Development Support Program (PEDP III). To build on the achievements made under PEDP I and PEDP II, the Directorate of Primary Education under the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education (MOPME), Government of Bangladesh, is preparing Prog3 to further improve the country's primary education system and to provide quality education to all Bangladeshi children in every classroom. It is aimed, among other improvements, at making primary education inclusive and accessible to all, achieving full enrolment of all school-age children by 2015; improve the measurement of student learning and the quality of the teaching environment, as well as significantly increasing the completion rate of primary education.