Project Preparatory Facility for Energy

Date: August 2013
Document Type: Gender Action Plans
Project Number: 47036-001

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This Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) Action Framework (AF) aims at providing a framework for the effective incorporation of GESI approaches and considerations in the design of Facility-financed Projects and the development of GESI/AP, should the ensuing Projects be categorized as Effective Gender Mainstreaming (EGM). The Framework builds on the Government of Nepal's broader commitment to GESI, including in the energy sector and promising practices developed by ADB in its support to the energy sector in Nepal. The GESI Framework is not a substitute for any other safeguards’ frameworks (i.e. Resettlement, Environment and/or Indigenous People’s Frameworks) which –by their nature– aim at specifically targeting affected people within the project area.