Rajasthan Urban Sector Development Investment Program (Tranche 3) - Churu Solid Waste Management Subproject

Date: January 2011
Document Type: Environmental Assessment and Measures
Project Number: 40031-053

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This initial environmental examination has been prepared for the Churu Solid Waste Management Subproject as part of Rajasthan Urban Infrastructure Development Project Phase II - Tranche 3. The Subproject site is located in Churu town, the administrative centre of Churu District. The Subproject covers (i) construction of a landfill, internal road, boundary walls, leachate collection tank, and office building; (ii) acquisition of waste storage and litter bins, landfill vehicles, and waste collection vehicles; and (iii) implementation of a public education and information program.

This IEE describes the environmental condition of the Subproject, including potential impact, formulation of mitigation measures, and preparation of institutional requirements and environmental monitoring.