Projects Documents

Country Document Title Type Cover Date
Regional Capacity Development for Banks in Developing Member Countries under the Trade Finance Program: Technical Assistance Report Technical Assistance Reports Jan 2014
Regional TA Completion Reports
Bond Financing for Infrastructure Projects in the ASEAN+3 Region: Technical Assistance Completion Report
Completion Reports Jul 2013
Sri Lanka
Strengthening Knowledge-Driven Development in South Asia Technical Assistance Reports Dec 2011
Regional Implementing the Pacific Regional Audit Initiative Technical Assistance Reports Mar 2011
Regional Strengthening Institutional Capacity to Compile and Analyze Financial Soundness Indicators for Investment Climate Assessment Technical Assistance Reports Dec 2010
Regional Improving Public Management to Achieve Better Development Results in Central and West Asia Technical Assistance Reports Dec 2010
Regional TA Completion Reports
Capacity Building and Regional Cooperation of Selected Credit Rating Agencies in Asia
Completion Reports Oct 2010
Regional Support for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Financial Regulators Training Initiative Technical Assistance Reports Feb 2009
Regional Risk Management and Asset and Liability Management in Banks Consultant's Reports Feb 2009
Regional Public Debt and Risk Management Forum Technical Assistance Reports Dec 2008
Regional Strengthening Governance and Accountability in Pacific Island Countries (Phase 2) (Cofinanced by the Japan Special Fund and the Government of Australia) Technical Assistance Reports Nov 2008
Regional Bond Financing for Infrastructure Projects in the ASEAN+3 Region (Financed by the Japan Special Fund) Technical Assistance Reports May 2008