Projects Documents

Country Document Title Type Cover Date
Pakistan Competitiveness and Structural Transformation in Pakistan Consultant's Reports Oct 2010
Sri Lanka
The Work of RETA 6306 in Sri Lanka Consultant's Reports Feb 2010
Tuvalu Capacity Building for Taxation Reforms Consultant's Reports Sep 2009
Tajikistan Strengthening Results Management in Support of Poverty Reduction in Tajikistan (Financed by the Cooperation Fund in Support of Managing for Development Results and the Government of Sweden) Consultant's Reports Aug 2009
Tonga Support to the Implementation of the Strategic Development Plan 2006/07 - 2008/09 Consultant's Reports Jun 2009
Cambodia Enhancing the Resettlement Legal Framework and Institutional Capacity (3rd Supplementary) Consultant's Reports Feb 2009
Indonesia Preparing the Second Local Government Finance and Governance Reform Program (Financed by the Japan Special Fund) Consultant's Reports Feb 2009
Indonesia Pro-poor Planning and Budgeting Project (Financed by the Asian Development Bank and Government of the United Kingdom) Consultant's Reports Jan 2009
Regional Capacity Development for Regional Cooperation in Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) Participating Countries Consultant's Reports Dec 2008
Nepal Knowledge Transfer for Public Procurement Consultant's Reports Jul 2008
Philippines Harmonization and Managing for Results Consultant's Reports Jun 2008
China, People's Republic of Urban Poverty Strategy II: Consultants' Report Consultant's Reports May 2008
Samoa Support for the Formulation and Implementation of the Strategy for the Development of Samoa (Financed by the Japan Special Fund) Consultant's Reports Apr 2008
Uzbekistan Preparing a Medium-Term Strategy on Improving the Living Standards of the People of Uzbekistan Consultant's Reports Apr 2008
Papua New Guinea Support for Public Expenditure Review and Rationalization (Financed by the Japan Special Fund) Consultant's Reports Apr 2008
Nepal Supporting Preparation of the 3-Year Interim Development Plan Consultant's Reports Feb 2008
Micronesia, Federated States of Implementation of the Public Sector Capacity Building Road Map II Consultant's Reports Jan 2008
Kyrgyz Republic Support to the Development and Implementation of National Poverty Reduction Strategy-II Consultant's Reports Jan 2008
Cambodia Support to Public Financial Management Reform Program Consultant's Reports Nov 2007
China, People's Republic of Developing a Result-Based Monitoring and Evaluation System for Key Projects (Financed by the Asian Development Fund) Consultant's Reports Oct 2007
Samoa Strengthening State-Owned Enterprise Corporate Governance (Financed by the Japan Special Fund) Consultant's Reports Jul 2007
Pakistan Supplementary Support for Poverty Reduction Initiatives in Pakistan Consultant's Reports Apr 2007
Solomon Islands Institutional Strengthening of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development Consultant's Reports Apr 2007
Cambodia Participatory Poverty Assessment of the Tonle Sap Basin Consultant's Reports Apr 2007
Papua New Guinea Improving Economic and Social Statistics Consultant's Reports Mar 2007