Projects Documents

Country Document Title Type Cover Date
India Northeastern Integrated Flood and Riverbank Erosion Management Project (Assam) - Key Findings of Phase 1 Consultant's Reports Dec 2007
Bhutan Preparing the Financial Sector/Non bank Financial Sector Institutions Reform Programme Consultant's Reports Dec 2007
Regional Enhancing Financial Disclosure Standards in Transitional Economies Consultant's Reports Dec 2007
Improvement of the National Gender and Development Mechanism in Uzbekistan: Final Report Consultant's Reports Dec 2007
Regional High Level Coordination Meeting on Rehabilitation and Reconstruction to Tsunami Affected Countries: A Review of ADB's Response to the Indian Ocean Tsunami Consultant's Reports Nov 2007
Indonesia Preparing the Decentralized Senior Secondary Education Project(Financed by the Asian Development Bank) Consultant's Reports Nov 2007
Cambodia Support to Public Financial Management Reform Program Consultant's Reports Nov 2007
Palau Facility for Economic and Infrastructure Management: Infrastructure Specialist Assessment Report Consultant's Reports Nov 2007
China, People's Republic of Developing a Result-Based Monitoring and Evaluation System for Key Projects (Financed by the Asian Development Fund) Consultant's Reports Oct 2007
Bangladesh Financial Markets Governance Program (Financed by the ADB's TA funding program) Consultant's Reports Jul 2007
India Demutualization and Consolidation of Indian Stock Exchanges Consultant's Reports Jul 2007
Samoa Strengthening State-Owned Enterprise Corporate Governance (Financed by the Japan Special Fund) Consultant's Reports Jul 2007
Mongolia Western Regional Road Development Project (Financed by the Asian Development Fund and Regional Fund) Consultant's Reports Jun 2007
Lao People's Democratic Republic Asian Development Community Broadcasting Initiative (Financed by Poverty Reduction Fund) Consultant's Reports Jun 2007
Cambodia Education Regulatory Reform and Governance for Decentralization (Financed by the Asian Development Bank) Consultant's Reports Jun 2007
China, People's Republic of WTO-Policy Reform Support to Ministry of Railways (Financed by the ADB) Consultant's Reports May 2007
Regional Pacific Developing Member Countries' Leadership Enhancement and Advancement Program (Cofinanced by the ADB Technical Assistance Special Funds and the Government of Australia) Consultant's Reports May 2007
Pakistan Supplementary Support for Poverty Reduction Initiatives in Pakistan Consultant's Reports Apr 2007
China, People's Republic of Combating Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome in the Western Region Consultant's Reports Apr 2007
Solomon Islands Institutional Strengthening of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development Consultant's Reports Apr 2007
Cambodia Participatory Poverty Assessment of the Tonle Sap Basin Consultant's Reports Apr 2007
Regional Support for Strengthening the Tsunami Development Assistance Database Consultant's Reports Mar 2007
Pakistan Federally Administered Tribal Areas (Financed by the TA Special Fund) Consultant's Reports Mar 2007
Papua New Guinea Improving Economic and Social Statistics Consultant's Reports Mar 2007
China, People's Republic of Rural Road Development Strategy (Financed by the Asian Development Bank) Consultant's Reports Feb 2007